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My Funny Fantasies

Might and Right

For Emperor Vor, conquering an empire is the easy part, ruling it is hard. His brother wants his throne, his wife disagrees about which son should secede him, a wizard conspiracy wishes to stop him, and a mixed bag of heroes is coming to kill him. His allies are his tea sipping, spy master sister, a chaos wizard, and a death priest.

The delicate political balance of his empire is upset when his daughter returns from her adventures in the mysterious West and Winderon, an elf born under the most dangerous of moons, finds the deadliest magic of all to use again him.

Love the Sin

Everyone searches for love, except for Cindy Wainrock, but everyone has to struggle through the difficulties to find it. Maria struggles against poverty, Deputy Tony Sanchez has to solve a murder, and Xia has to slay the vampires who kidnapped her would be boyfriend for his virgin blood. Yet Cindy may face the greatest danger of all, a murderer given a magical defense perfect against any but the purest of heart, which she definitely is not.

Ninja B Goes to College

Ari’s grandfather is the head of the ninja clan, and sends her to college in America to study computers, but the university is hunting grounds for vampires. Unfortunately her bounty collecting is interrupted by biggest problems, for the vampires are only one part of the Anti-Christ’s cult, and her ally Cindy Wainrock’s father is a rich jock who likes wearing body armor while driving an armored car to hunt down liberal activists.

What will happen when the satanic plot to rule the world conflicts with the alien conspiracy that already does? Can she ally with the Chinese kung fu master Xia who had come here to study engineering? And what will happen when Xia and her junior mad scientist boyfriend finally create his dream: a quantum mechanical AI?

My High Fantasy

From Before the Flood

Soon after the fall from Paradise, people were not alone on Earth. They had giants for neighbors and thunder lizards to avoid. Angels came down from Heaven and ruled many areas as demi-gods, but when Satan’s minions rescued him from demonic torture, he plotted his revenge against God and humanity. While angels battle for the future of the world Yesu (daughter of a god) and Lilith (Adam’s first wife) fight for the future of humanity.

Whispers on the Wind

Louis Averone, the bard, thinks he is the only one who can hear the Song whispered on the wind, but when it sings of Sorrow, suicides spread. The more attuned to magic wizards are, the more they are crippled by depression. As wizards move to steal the magic and warriors to kill the source, whatever it is, Louis Averone, Csaris the wild wizard, and Captain Valorie de’Lane hope to heal the Singer.

The Dragons are Coming

For their forbidden love, Bernard was castrated and Helen sent to a nunnery, but while sacking an ancient, distant temple, Bernard discovers the original prophecy of dragons returning to destroy the lands. Realizing the translation his people have used is dangerously inaccurate, he rushes back to save Helen. Only she wishes him to tell the Church Mothers, and introduces him to the son he never knew he had.

My Science Fiction

Escapees from Hell
Two thousand years ago, aliens conquered Earth and turned humanity into a military-industrial complex to fight their interstellar wars. Anyone who resists is sent to Hell, an underground prison, but someone escapes…

From Whence Gods Came
Soul’ren is a young teacher, an alien among humans, living within a broken Dyson Sphere, with her adopted father, a war hero with a shattered memory. An invasion from another universe had been thrown back, but not before great damage to galactic civilization. That enemy is trying to break back through the geometry of the universe, and Soul’ren must find a space ship while her father searches his broken memories for the way to hold them back. Accompanied by the stern Kractor, the dashing Andelis Ali, and genetically enhanced gorilla warrior Dark Tiger, Soul’ren will face the dangers of mountains, ice fields, and jungles just to challenge the last bastion of technology, ruled by a mad alien and his robot minions.

The Sea of God

While telepathically exploring the universe, Daowyn meets June, an American teenager grieving over her late father. She mistakes him for an angel and latches onto his mind, causing a mental swap that leaves her with what she thinks are miraculous powers and the alien crippled back on his home world. While she explores the potential of spirituality to create a life based upon love and freedom, he searches for a way to Earth to restore them both to normalcy. Told from the point of view of a law of physics in stream of consciousness style.

My Astral Series

Book One: God’s Lioness
Parallel universes collided into one, causing different parts of Earth to exist as different eras. There Shiki, a woman trained in an advanced Japanese military, is sent to the world of Aphrodite to steal the magic of immortality, but then is chased by a poet warrior Federico determined to bring her back. But even as they fall for each other, they are caught up in the plots of seers playing chess with the future, and the only way to win is a suicide attack against Hades.

Book Two: Call to Order
After a mission on Hades, the heroes discover that the Ice Giants of old wars are on their way to Earth to stop the Time Waves from spreading temporal chaos off world, even if it means destroying the entire planet. They need to recruit allies, but the dark alliances and ancient resentments among interplanetary governments hinder them. Caldra, a priestess of science, resists ancient enemies, the restrictions of her religion, and even the limitations of science to protect humanity, especially the life of the man she loves.

Book Three: Trial of Chaos
Alliance have been built, and ultimate enemies, the villains behind the thrones, have been revealed, so Csaris, the scientist who accidentally caused the Time Waves by going back in time to rescues his daughter’s life, will finally face the man who tricked him into it by killing her. Just as worrisome, he will need the help of both his daughters’ mothers.

Jul. 4th, 2014

I’ve noticed that up at the lake I lack the need for music as background noise. Something about the waves and birds makes music redundant. I realize that music as a human construction is older than urban life, but for pre-electronic age people music was something they made themselves, an act of creation, while for me music is something I merely buy, an act of consumption, and listen to because the suburb my parents live in is so quiet… hearing noise from the outer world indicates a problem: a car with a bad muffler, most likely. The lake provides its own relaxing music for me.

Poetry Galore!

I Tell Myself a Little Lie

These are poems of my doubts.

Fifty Ways to Love Your Lover: The Poems

These are fifty poems of the pains and pleasures of love.

Science is Pretty Quarky

These are all poems riffing off scientific ideas, mostly evolution.

The Sound of Each Soul

These are poems of desperate resistance against conformity, but then, most poems are.


Download, enjoy, spread the word...

“Anything Goes” is a collection of short stories that cruise along the boundaries of sin and saintliness, inspired by my youthful trips to “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” my interest in pagan and Christian mythologies, and my struggle to find my morality.

“Devils, Daughters, and Dieting” is a collection of three novels. “Devil May Care” is about two people on opposite ends of the economic spectrum who have near death experiences and wake up to use opposite methods of trying to make the world a better place. “Fathers and Daughters” is about a police detective investigating the death of a man who had abused his ex-wife and daughters, leading to the scandals of the rich; meanwhile, his own daughter runs afoul corruption within the department. In “Weighty Wager,” two people bet on who can lose 100 pounds first; she uses mostly dieting and he uses mostly exercise. Warning, this is the funny one.

“Letters to Women” are my confessions about how I’ve felt about many of the women in my life, excluding my mother (sorry Freud), who have influenced me for better or for worse.

“Novel Novellas” These novellas are shorter versions of novels that I wrote, in case you just want a sampling. One of them is a Western fantasy, another a college romance, and two of them are fantasies based upon Asian influences, but those novels aren’t due out until 2015 because I want to finish the series.

“Science Fantasies” are short stories that start with scientific ideas but my imagination rather runs away with me.

“Zen and the Art of Drunken Story Writing” was mostly written in bars or after I got home from a bar. So many people have told me that writers have to be drinkers that I thought I’d give it a try. My favorite among them are the three “Adventures of Little Miss Jane,” set back in the old days of the British Empire.


Done with slacking off

I've been slacking off since I arrived at my parents' house near the end of May, and this morning I decided it was time to stop. So I wrote a 1000 words of fiction this morning while my parents were off taking photos of birds. My goal is a thousand words a day, five days a week. Yes, discovering "Once Upon a Time" was wonderful, and I've been doing some catch up reading and reading to prepare for graduate school, but the future looms and playing Warlight on my computer doesn't get stuff done.

Back from the lakes

My parents and I spent a week at a cabin on a lake with my mother's sister and brother. My aunt has gone an entire week without picking any political arguments. Whew! She did complain that her grandson had graduated from a high school that was 1/3 white, 1/3 black, and 1/3 Hispanic, but when we did not share her horror she didn't continue that topic. I'm not sure why my father needed to bring four tackle boxes and three guitars, but at least we played some decent chess. My father, mother, and aunt played a little bridge when the weather was too rough for fishing. My uncle pretty much only came up for the fishing, making three trips a day, each 2-3 hours long, until the weather clouded up. When everyone else went with him, I either played on the computer or read books.

Jun. 28th, 2014

I’m Nobody
By Emily Dickinson

I’m nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there’s a pair of us – don’t tell!
They’d banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody!
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!